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2017-01-05 20:08

Paper Accepted at EDBT 2017

In-Place Appends for Real: DBMS Overwrites on Flash without EraseS. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. EDBT 2017 [PDF]

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2017-01-05 20:01

Paper Accepted at BTW 2017

Effective DBMS space management on native Flash. S. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. BTW 2017 [PDF]

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DB TechNet

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DBTechNet is an initiative of European universities and IT-companies to set up a transnational collaboration scheme of higher level educational establishments, IT enterprises, and vocational training centres who will collaborate in order to achieve a three-fold goal, namely:

- developing efficient Internet based tools (like a Web-based IT terminology encyclopaedia, universal database access terminal, etc) which will organize worldwide access to DB technology resources and educational/training material and references,


- design and develop virtual workshop type course modules on selected DB topics that will address the wide spectrum of new trends, backed by online support from a network of educational and IT professional experts, and


- promote research and entrepreneurship by developing a business plan of operation, which will make it possible for the collaboration scheme in question to evolve into a self-sustained consortium that will function within the new emerging reality of education and vocational training in today’s Information and Communication Technology driven society.