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2017-01-05 20:08

Paper Accepted at EDBT 2017

In-Place Appends for Real: DBMS Overwrites on Flash without EraseS. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. EDBT 2017 [PDF]

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2017-01-05 20:01

Paper Accepted at BTW 2017

Effective DBMS space management on native Flash. S. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. BTW 2017 [PDF]

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     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ilia Petrov
     Alteburgstraße 150,
     72762 Reutlingen
     Telefon +49 (0)7121/271-4034

     Iris Obermaier
     Telefon +49 (0)7121/271-4001

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Fritz Laux (retired)


once upon a time ... 35 years ago


Data Management Lab,
School of Informatics,
Reutlingen University

Alteburgstr. 150,
Gebäude 9 / 9-026

72762 Reutlingen, Germany

Contact hours By appointment only (email)
Fax +49 (0)7121 271 90 4019





fritz.laux [at] reutlingen-

flaux [at] acm.org


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My research interests span the following areas:

Transactional Information Systems
Data-Mining, Big Data Analysis, OLAP
- Object-oriented Modelling 
- eXtreme Programming mit Smalltalk

Former PhD Students

Tim Lessner (2008-2014) (Viva Nov. 2013), now working for freiheit.com GmbH

Felix Schiele (2011-2015) (Viva Oct. 2015), now working for Smartrac Technology GmbH

Michael Schaidnagel (2012-2016) (Viva Nov. 2015), now working for Smart Digital GmbH

Collaboration with Academia and Industry

  • tl_files/fM_k0006/images/DBTechEXT.png

    DBTech Ext 2009-2011, supported by European Commission (Life Long Learning) Continuation Project of DBTech Pro

    Goals: Development of e-Learning Platform for online Course Material 
       Workshops to Test the Teaching Material 
       Kooperation and Network for Database Experts

    Results: Novel e-Learning concept (see paper) and teaching modules with hands-on labs (see http://dbtech.uom.gr/)


    DBTech Pro 2002-2005,  supported by European Commission (Leonardo da Vinci) Project for improving Database Education

    Goals: Survey on Requirement from Industry regarding DB Education   Definition of Educational Standards
     Development of Course Meterial

    Results: Needs Analysis
    Framework and Syllabus for Database Education 
    Sequel of Reference Courses and Labs (see  http://dbtech.uom.gr/)


    Object-Relational Database Systems, 2003

    Goals: Experiences and tests with object-relational features of ORDBMS

    Results: Functional and Performance Analysis of commercial ODBMS 


    Object-oriented Data Warehouse and OLAP System, 2001/2

    Goals: Proof of concept for superior object-oriented DBMS 

    Results: Better semantic support for DWH and OLAP
         Faster OLTP performance (no ad-hoc queries)

      Knowledge- and Content Management System, 1999-2000
    First dynamic Web pages and CMS at Reutlingen University based on LAMP technology
    (received Campus Award 2000 from State of Baden-Württemberg) 
      Document Management System, 1998
      Development of CASE Tools for Smalltalk/V (Digitalk),
    Trace and debug method implementors, 1995
      Persistent Objects as Base for an object-oriented Database System, 1994
      Prototype of a distributed Database System
    supporting Data Fragmentation and local Autonomy, 1993
      Development of graphical Tools for conceptual Data Modeling
    (Entity-Relationship-Model, Associative Data Model), 1993
      Tool for Synthesis and Normalization of Relations, 1989


[DBLP] [ThinkMind[ResearchGate] [Google Scholar] [MS Academic Search]


Papers (>= 2015)

  • Tim Lessner, Fritz Laux, and Thomas Connolly;
    O|R|P|E - A Data Semantics Driven Concurrency Control Mechanism“, (Best paper award)
    in Proceedings of  The Seventh International Conference on Advances in Databases, Knowledge, and Data Applications (DBKDA 2015), May 24 - 29, 2015 - Rome, Italy, ISSN: 2308-4332
    Felix Schiele, Fritz Laux, and Thomas M. Connolly;
    Improving the Understanding of Business Processes“, in A. Zimmermann, A. Rossmann (Hrsg.): Digital Enterprise Computing 2015, LNI, Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn, 2015, pp. 209 – 220, ISBN: 978-3-88579-638-1
    Michael Schaidnagel, Fritz Laux, and Thomas Connolly;
    Using Feature Construction for dimensionality reduction in Big Data scenarios to allow real time classification of sequence data“,in A. Zimmermann, A. Rossmann (Hrsg.): Digital Enterprise Computing 2015, LNI, Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn, 2015, pp. 259 – 269, ISBN: 978-3-88579-638-1

Papers (2010 - 2014)

Talks and Publications (< 2010)


  • Founding member of DBTech Network ( www.dbtechnet.org )
  • IARIA Fellow, Board Member, Advisory and Programm Chair for DBKDA and PATTERNS
  • Program Committee member for DBKDA, PATTERNS, DATA ANALYTICS, and ICIW 
  • GI and ACM Member