2017-01-05 20:08

Paper Accepted at EDBT 2017

In-Place Appends for Real: DBMS Overwrites on Flash without EraseS. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. EDBT 2017 [PDF]

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2017-01-05 20:01

Paper Accepted at BTW 2017

Effective DBMS space management on native Flash. S. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. BTW 2017 [PDF]

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2016-03-24 10:48

Congrats Robert!

DBlab congratulates Robert Gottstein on the occation of the successful defence of his docotral thesis entitled "Impact of new storage technologies on an OLTP DBMS, its architecture and algorithms". [PDF]

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2016-02-16 12:47

Associated Members

DBlab welcomes Robert Gottstein and Sergey Hardock as associated members.

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2016-01-11 17:08

Associated Member of DFG GK 1994 AIPHES

Ilia Petrov is appointed an associated member of DFG GK 1994 AIPHES:Adaptive Preparation of Information from Heterogeneous Sources.
He is responsible for database integration and high-performance data processing.

2016-01-11 17:07

Paper Accepted at EDBT 2016

Revisiting DBMS Space Management for Native Flash. 
S. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann.
In Proc. EDBT 2016.

2016-01-11 17:07

Ph.D. Scholarship

DBlab participtates with one Ph.D. in the newly appointed graduate school "Services Computing" in coopertaion with Universität Stuttgart. The research direction is in the field of BigData and high-performance data management and analytics.

2016-01-11 17:06

Paper accepted at iiWAS 2015

Real Time Charging Database Benchmarking. 
J. Bogner, C. Dehner, T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. iiWAS 2015.