2013-10-14 17:21

Paper Accepted at Data Analytics

M. Schaidnagel, I. Petrov, F. Laux. DNA: An Online Algorithm for Credit Card Fraud Detection for Game Merchants. In Proc. Data Analytics 2013 

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2013-08-08 10:35

06.08.2013 Program Committee Memberships

Members of the DBlab serve on the program committee of SIGMOD 2014 (Demo Track).

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2013-06-13 08:57

DBlab Talk

Dr. Knut Stolze,  Architect IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, IBM Deutschland  will give talk 'Managing Large Data Volumes Efficiently with IBM Netezza' on 18.06.2013 at 11:30 in 9-003

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2013-06-03 18:04

Paper Accepted at VLDB 2013

S. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. NoFTL: Database Systems on FTL-less Flash StorageVLDB 2013 (Demonstrations Track). Riva del Garda, August 26-31, 2013. [Demonstration Video]

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2013-05-12 19:09

Best Paper Awards

Papers co-authored by members of the DBlab have been given Best Paper Awards at DBKDA2013.

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2013-04-05 06:48

Accepted Paper

R. Gottstein, I. Petrov, and A. Buchmann. Append storage in multi-version databases on flash. In Proc. of BNCOD 2013. Springer-Verlag, 2013.

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2013-04-05 06:47

DBKDA Papers

El-Sheikh, E., Bagui, S., Firesmith, D.G., Petrov, I., Wilde, N., Zimmermann, A.: Towards Semantic-Supported SmartLife System Architectures for Big Data Services in the Cloud. In Proc. Service Computation'13, (2013)

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2013-03-30 06:44

PC Memberships

iiWAS2013 and ACM PIKM 2013

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2012-12-16 12:43

DBlab Technical Report

G. Graefe, I. Petrov, T. Ivanov, V. Marinov. A hybrid page layout integrating PAX and NSM. Technical Report (HPL-2012-240). 2012

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