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2017-01-05 20:08

Paper Accepted at EDBT 2017

In-Place Appends for Real: DBMS Overwrites on Flash without EraseS. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. EDBT 2017 [PDF]

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2017-01-05 20:01

Paper Accepted at BTW 2017

Effective DBMS space management on native Flash. S. Hardock, I. Petrov, R. Gottstein, A. Buchmann. In Proc. BTW 2017 [PDF]

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     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ilia Petrov
     Alteburgstraße 150,
     72762 Reutlingen
     Telefon +49 (0)7121/271-4034

     Iris Obermaier
     Telefon +49 (0)7121/271-4001

Research Fields


 Our active areas of reseach are:
  - Database Technlogogy
  - Database Systems on Evolving Hardware
  - Data Mining and Data Analytics


Database Systems on Evolving Hardware

The architecture and algorithms of database and data-intensive systems in general have been built around the properties of existing hardware technologies. Many of the elementary design and algorithmic assumptions have been made to compensate for technological weaknesses of 20-30 years old hardware characteristics.

Over the last decade we witnessed several major hardware developments, all of which will be dominant trends for the next decade [1]:
- many-core CPUs - 1000 cores per chip by 2022 [1]
- growing RAM volumes - more than 128 TB RAM per server by 2022 [1]
- increasing interconnect bandwidth - memory: 2.5 TB/s, I/O: 250 GB/s by 2022 [1]
- better I/O technologies - fast 1TB Flash chips and Non-Volatile Memories with read performance similar to that of DRAM
- use of Non-Volatile Memories and evoloving memory heirarchies


Central Reseach Question
What is the impact on the architecture, algorithms, performance and energy efficiency of data-intensive systems.


[1] Andreas von Bechtolsheim. Technologies for Data- Intensive Computing. HTPS 2009.



Data Mining and Analytics

We investigte Data  Mining and Analytics algoritms for solving business problems.