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Dr.-Ing. Christian Riegger

Collaboration with Academia and Industry

I have been involved in the following academic research initiatives or industrial projects:

FlashyDB DFG Project: Impact of Flash Solid State Disks on Performance and Architecture of Data-Intensive Software Systems

Doctoral Programme - Services Computing: Services Computing is a Cooperative Doctoral Program at the Herman Hollerith Center (HHC) in Böblingen, Germany. It is a joint program of the University of Stuttgart and Reutlingen University, and supported by an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Art in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The cooperative doctoral program is aligned with the third cycle of the Bologna Process, the recommendations of the Science Council for the role of Universities of Applied Sciences in the German academic system, and the Higher Education Act of Baden-Württemberg for scientific cooperation between university partners.


Storage Management with Multi-Version Partitioned BTrees.
C. Riegger, I. Petrov.
In Proc. ADBIS 2022 [PDF]
bloomRF: On Performing Range-Queries in Bloom-Filters with Piecewise- Monotone Hash Functions and Prefix Hashing.
B. Moessner, C. Riegger, A. Bernhardt, I. Petrov.
In Proc. EDBT 2023 [PDF] [Paper (extended)] [Video]
Indexing large updatable Datasets in Multi-Version Database Management Systems.
C. Riegger, T. Vinccon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. IDEAS 2019 [PDF]
Efficient Data and Indexing Structure for Blockchains in Enterprise Systems
C. Riegger, T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. iiWAS 2018 [Extended Abstract]
NoFTL-KV: Tackling Write-Amplification on KV-Stores with Native Storage Management
T. Vincon, S. Hardock, C. Riegger, J. Oppermann, A. Koch, I. Petrov.
In Proc. EDBT 2018 [PDF]
Write-optimized indexing with partitioned b-trees
C. Riegger, T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. iiWAS 2017 [PDF]
Multi-version indexing and modern hardware technologies: a survey of present indexing approaches
C. Riegger, T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. iiWAS 2017 [PDF]

Background and Degrees

- Since January 2017: I am a PhD student at Doctoral Programme - Services Computing in the research area of High Performance Data Management.
- Since May 2013: I have been working on FlashyDB, Data Management Lab, Reutlingen University
- September 2012 - August 2014: Master of Science. Faculty of Informatics - Reutlingen University, Germany.