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M.Sc. Tobias Vincon


NoFTL-KV: Tackling Write-Amplification on KV-Stores with Native Storage Management
T. Vincon, S. Hardock, C. Riegger, J. Oppermann, A. Koch, I. Petrov.
In Proc. EDBT 2018 [PDF]
Write-optimized indexing with partitioned b-trees
C. Riegger, T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. iiWAS 2017 [PDF]
Multi-version indexing and modern hardware technologies: a survey of present indexing approaches
C. Riegger, T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. iiWAS 2017 [PDF]
cIPT: Shift of Image Processing Technologies to Column-Oriented Databases
T. Vincon, I. Petrov, C. Thies.
In Proc. ADBIS 2016 [PDF]
Near Data Processing within Column-Oriented DBMSs for High Performance Analysis
T. Vincon, I. Petrov.
In Proc. DEC 2016 [PDF]
Real Time Charging Database Benchmarking
J. Bogner, C. Dehner, T. Vincon, I. Petrov
In Proc. iiWAS 2015 [PDF]

Background and Degrees

- October 2013 - October 2015: Master of Science. Services Computing - Herman Hollerith Zentrum, Böblingen, Germany.